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My name is Leroy Konjanan, and I need your help. A year ago, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form known as Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS). The only effective treatment currently available is a type of stem-cell therapy given in Mexico. For the journey to Mexico, my treatment and my rehabilitation, I need funds. I’m not the kind of person to ask for charity, but I have no choice. I have a responsibility to myself and all those who are close to me to do my utmost to recover, so I’m seizing what is currently my only opportunity with both hands. For this reason, I would like to ask for your help in stopping this debilitating disease.

Goal: €75.000

What is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that works on the central nervous system. Multiple Sclerosis is therefore not a muscle disease as is thought by many people. To understand the effects of Multiple Sclerosis on the body, it is useful to first understand the function of the nervous system, how it works in general and where the nervous system is located in the body. The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord.

What is MS Video

HSCT Treatment: Video


Since 2016 more than 1.600 people around the world have undergone an (autologous) hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Although randomized controlled investigation, that determines accurate effectiveness, has not been finished, analysis of the reported results so far shows an indication what people can accomplish. First of all HSCT has shown generally a positive result in suppressing inflammations and growth of new plaques as shown with MRI with 80% of the patients. Even to a majority of the patients the neurologic limitations stabilized or improved. Although HSCs can transform in every offspring of a cell, including neural or myeline producing cells, we don’t know whether HSCs can support to recover neural structures that have been damaged by MS.

Why Mexico?

Why Mexico? HSCT treatment is being done in The Netherlands regularly, but not with MS patients. Dutch neurologists have a wait-and-see attitude and the watch the foreign results closely. Minister Schippers wants to introduce this treatment for MS patients in 2024 at the earliest. Due to the aggressive vorm of MS, Leroy wants to undergo the HSCT treatment as soon as possible. This will cause that this MS can damage as little as possible.

Leroy Konjanan

On this website, I have provided comprehensive information on the disease, the treatment and the road to it: amongst other things through the crowdfunding campaign and the preparations I need to make to in order undergo the vital treatment and rehabilitation. I hope you will take the time to read what this all entails for me personally, and how you can help me. To make a donation, simply click the “Donate” button on the website and transfer your desired amount. Thank you for help.

View some of the events below.

DEEP 10 year-anniversary

9 Februari – Hedon Zwolle

Kick-off crowdfunding Roy Against MS, fundraiser and awareness action. DEEP, the oldest party of Hedon will have it’s 10 years anniversary! February 9th we will celebrate 10 years of techno. Since the beginning DEEP is a byword in The Netherlands with more than 40 editions already.


31 Maart – Assiesplein 6.1 Zwolle

Gerjanne van ‘t Ende will cut hair whole day for this fundraising. Several activities will be organized this day. All revenues will be donated to the foundation.

Danstheater | Bevrijdingsfestival

05 Mei – Wezenlandenpark Zwolle

Dance theater at Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel collecting event.

Roy Against MS Benefiet Concert

08 Juni – Hedon Zwolle

Benefit Concert crowdfunding Roy Against MS, collection and awareness campaign - Hedon Zwolle. More information follows.

How can I donate?

You can make a contribution in different ways. Great that you want to help me in my fight against MS!


1. Using PayPal or Credit Card

PayPal members can pay directly from their checking accounts or credit cards through our Paypal donation page. Non-PayPal members can still donate with a credit card without signing up for PayPal. To donate, click on the PayPal button.

2. Using Sofort

Sofort Banking is the European variant of ideal. You can pay from Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain. Click on the  ‘Sofort!’ Button , choose ENG on the bottom right, select the amount you want to give and then choose ‘ Pay with Sofort instead .’ This can be found under the ‘Pay safely with iDeal’ button.

3. Using iDeal

Give with iDeal internet banking safely and easily . iDeal is a Dutch payment method used regularly in Dutch webshops. Click on the  ‘iDeal!’ Button , pick ENG on the bottom right, select the amount you want to give and choose your Dutch bank as the payment method.

For companiese

It is possible to support Stichting Roy Agains MS as a company. Your campany will support the foundation with an amount of money in exchange for publication and visibility through our communication channels. Off course you can take part in and subsidize events. Many possibilities are being created. Please check the examples below concerning present sponsors. There is no standard sponsor kit, so we will be pleased to discuss your best opportunity. Please contact +31 38 369 00 22 or

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